Why and For Whom?

Organizations who wish to assist terminated employees to:

  • Deal with the loss of employment;
  • Minimize emotional and stress impact for the employee and his/her family;
  • Establish a new career target;
  • Consider the viability of self-employment or consulting;
  • Develop job search marketing campaign materials, including a skills-based résumé;
  • Build and manage relationships with professional recruiters;
  • Plan for and implement an effective networking campaign;
  • Prepare and practice for interviews;
  • Negotiate employment terms;
  • Integrate into a new environment.

Executives, Managers, and “Career Transitioners” who wish to:

  • Develop a strategy for the next phase of their career;
  • Define their unique value proposition and branding for the Canadian marketplace;
  • Respond to an unplanned career change;
  • Develop strategies for successful job search;
  • Sharpen interview skills;
  • Network effectively in order to tap the hidden job market;
  • Negotiate an employment offer;
  • “Onboard” into a new organization.