Why is it Important?

Knowledge is Power. Understanding what your employees do is the key to unlocking priceless organizational knowledge that has the power to:

  • Improve organization growth, performance & effectiveness
    By learning directly from your employees “why, where, when, and how” they undertake their roles, tacit knowledge bubbles to the surface – the kind of raw data that generally lies untapped, but has the capacity to inform and transform strategic planning, human capital development, organizational design, and so much more!
  • Understand barriers at the job level
    Is it skill, will, motivation, or something else that obstructs an employee or team from reaching full potential? When you gain an undistorted picture of this directly from your employees, barriers can be eliminated in order to swing doors wide open for improved performance.
  • Maximize the use of limited resources
    What if you could identify duplication or overlaps in role or team activities? If this became crystal clear to you without hours of research and analysis, and if reallocation of resources was viable, you could begin a meaningful process to get the most out of current resources. The best source for this information? Your employees…
  • Engage employees as co-creators of innovation and improvement
    When employees are given opportunities to describe, in a safe and respectful venue, what they do and how they do it, they are immediately empowered to be co-creators of innovation and change agents. This dynamic relationship shift allows organizations to “up the ante” on collaboration and partnerships at all levels.

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