Success Stories


The tools that CareerWorks uses are objective and provide real meaningful information and concrete ways to create a plan for change and then execute that plan.


— K.B., Senior Health Care Leader


Often managers think of using a consultant or outside training when there is a problem with their team or staff. On the contrary, we have used CareerWorks to take a good team to a GREAT team.  Giving staff the gift of self-awareness of their emotional intelligence and areas of strength has motivated them to stretch beyond their pre-conceived limits.  I highly recommend CareerWorks to teams that want to grow in a high performance culture…


— J.S., Team Leader, National Canadian Company


The acquisition of a pharmaceutical company in Quebec resulted in the closure of operations in Ontario and impending job losses. CareerWorks delivered workshops that provided our employees with tools, both collectively and as individuals, to move forward positively.


— N. M. – Executive Director – Pharmaceutical Company


Linda is an empathetic and experienced career coach who helped me gain valuable insight and perspective as I assessed the possibilities available to me. Always accessible, I was glad to have Linda in my corner during my recent transition.


— C.M., Legal Counsel, National Company

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